Neighborhood / Residential

SAS staff have been involved with single and multiple family development and landscape plans for the last 20+ years. The project experience ranges from past projects with prior firms to exclusive work performed by SAS. Projects include planning for residential neighborhoods to individual lot landscape plans.

  • site planning, urban design and landscape architecture for public and private projects
  • recreation master planning and design for large and small communities
  • public participation processes, for effective public and agency involvement
  • developing and implementing design guidelines and development plans for government, corporate and residential settings
  • land use planning of land use changes

SAS+Associates’ offers expertise in all phases of site design and landscape architecture from conceptual plans to design details and careful monitoring of construction. SAS+Associates’ projects are both large and small and for both public and private clients. Our clients originally come to us for this expertise; what brings them back is the way we carry out their projects.

People Orientation

Our projects are not paper designs; rather, they are based on our knowledge of how they will be used in real life by real people. In addition to the appearance of our projects, we evaluate our work in terms of comfort and convenience. We use sketches, computer graphics, perspectives, and even models to help visualize a project before it is built. The staff constantly probes and challenges the designs as they evolve.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

We take pride in even the minutest aspects of our projects. We have established quality control procedures for checking all details of the drawings and specifications. We also understand the importance of details in large scale planning, such as obtaining government approvals and the subtleties of scheduling and developing funding sources.

Design Fit

Does the project take advantage of the site? Does it fit in with its surroundings? In many projects we like to leave people guessing whether a design was the product of man or nature.

Cost/Budget Conscious

There are too many examples of unrealistic designs that had to be cut back due to costs. We design for the real budget from the beginning. We have the experience and insight to help determine realistic budgets for every project.

Client Involvement

We have pioneered effective workshop techniques for numerous clients. These techniques successfully involve the clients in the design and decision-making. Why is this important? Because a client’s involvement in the design process means needs get met. Throughout our projects, we have placed a premium on making the extra effort to keep our clients informed and up-to-date on the status of their project.