Public Input / Facilitation

SAS+Associates public and facilitation process uses a variety of techniques to assist communities in the public input process. The primary goal for most projects it to collect input through a inclusive process assuring a balanced result.

Some of the potential methods and goals of the facilitation process to work toward “Consensus Building” may include:

  • Involve the community and stakeholders / keep them informed
  • Use a wide range of tools to solicit input (“Dotocrocy”, chip games, etc.)
  • E-Democracy –Keypad Polling

Elements of successful feedback to citizens may include:

  • Listen and let them know you listened
  • Understand the motives of the opposition
  • Provide clear communications that Data wins

Elements and results needed for facilitation:

  • Careful analysis of existing conditions and responsive planning
  • Recommendations based on realistic projections
  • Opinion survey results can be used to support recommendations
  • Keep plans flexible