Environmental :: North Shore Residence – Stormwater Plans

Stormwater management requirements are often considered later in the design process.  It is however, a critical design element as should be considered from the onset.  SAS+Associates’ ability to design stormwater elements during the site design process strengthen stormwater elements to become an integral design element.  Focusing on our clients goals for maintenance, aesthetic demand and budgets result in projects that are sustainable, attractive and meet the stormwater requirements.  Providing clear and precise stormwater plans for governmental agencies streamline the approval process and is an important and critical aspect in numerous projects.

Located on the shores of Lake Superior the location of the home and the associated site design is critical to the environment.  The design and placement of the home was a critical element of the project.  Steep slopes and the desires to protect the natural setting made controlling the stormwater critical.  SAS+Associates unique approach blended existing sloped ravines into stormwater elements that protected the native landscape and created an aesthetic element for the homeowners and tree clearing that would typically be done for traditional stormwater elements.