Neighborhood / Residential :: Bayfield Residence

Working with TEA2 Architects SAS+Associates worked with the homeowner to define the homeowner goals and expectations.  Located on Chaquamegon Bay of Lake Superior, along a creek and public trail create design parameters for screening, slope stabilizing and to create private spaces for the homeowner.  Landscape Elements that provide accent to the architecture, provide interest for seasons, balance color, and define sites materials.

SAS+Associates created a year round landscape to provide interest to and from the home with the use and appropriate placement of retaining walls and planting materials.  Working to enhance the architecture SAS+Associates identified stone, retaining wall and paving materials that meets and enhances the architecture and blends into the surrounding landscape.  With the public trail crossing the front yard the placement of stone walls and landscaping to define public and private in a forgiving manner was an important design aspect for both the owners and the community.