Public Facilities :: Animal Allies

SAS+Associates created a Master Plan for Animal Allies new facility in Duluth’s Airpark was completed with budget in mind and with multiple phases. The first phase was completed with volunteers and SAS supervisions and subsequent phases have been completed over the years. The plan included a variety of elements ranging from front entry aesthetics, dog walking trails, Memorial Garden, Alley Cat Garden, Reflection Pond, a Children’s Courtyard and an exercise area.

The importance of sustainability was paramount, developing the site in maintainable segments was critical to the project success. Elements of the site were divided up in reasonable areas for the purpose of fundraising and areas were developed as funding became available.

SAS developed an overall Maintenance Plan to estimate maintenance hours and to determine the level of expense that would be required at each phase of development.

A separate graphic Fundraising Plan was developed to assist in fundraising. This plan was created along with separate cost estimates for select elements was provided at fundraising events to assist in donations and naming.