Master Planning :: Indian Point Campground Master Plan

Planning for Indian Point Campground the City of Duluth’s only Campground on St. Louis bay (or Lake Superior) was identified as a priority site due to the unique use.  A destination of families, camp groups, and hundreds of day users make the success of Indian Point Campground a critical park in the city’s system.

The park is surrounded on three sides by St. Louis Bay and the Western Waterfront Trail and has access to the bay by both fishing piers and a canoe landing.  Enhancing accessibility directly to the waters edge as well as the addition of accessible overlooks was an important aspect of the master plan.

Improvements to the RV sites as well as the tent camp site were proposed to be improved by way of changes to the orientation and the addition of hookups and grading and leveling of some new tent sites.  In addition to the camping improvements the site was improved with the needed pervious parking area and refurbished sod area.

Renovations to the restroom structure for accessibility, shower and restroom improvements are proposed along with the play area and picnic pavilion renovations.