Master Planning :: Two Harbors Bandshell Concept Plan

Working with Krech Ojard Engineers and Architects, SAS+Associates created a park master plan with the proposed band shell that will work to define the future layout of the park, received public and civic approvals as well as created a plan for fund raising efforts.

Considerations of the master plan included orientation of the building to have both a Second Avenue presence and continue to be a integral element in the park.  The proposed orientation of the building will allow for ice skating in the winter and allow for a large sod area for seating in the summer.  Area North of the building will be reserved for a vending alley and raingarden.  Formal entry features were proposed for the corner entries to the park.  These entry arch features will emphasize the park and allow for people using Waterfront Drive to understand the importance of the park.

Additional elements of the park are identified for neighborhood and day use such as, the meandering walk, picnic areas, shade structure and a new playground.  These elements are located so visitors and neighbors can easily access them even if an event is in progress.