Master Planning :: Northland College

SAS+Associates was contacted by Northland College, Ashland WI to assist with project Visioning.

Phase I

Looking at connections from the new recreation building to surrounding campus amenities guided SAS to provide a proposed seating plaza that could be shared as a service drive. The exterior elements are important to the students of the college and SAS+Associates proposed a plan that worked with the new architecture and provide 3d views to assure the visual goals were met.

Construction plans are now being completed to allow build upon the goals for the plaza.

Phase II

The visioning process for the plaza and exterior elements for the new J.T Kendrigan Center was the beginning of a larger overall element proposed for campus. A new sports field and track designed to meet NCAA standards was being discussed and SAS+Associates was hired to illustration how the facility might fit into the site.

With the potential of a new facility SAS studied how the field relates with the surrounding buildings (existing and proposed), the existing environmental elements such as wetlands and slopes and the associated pedestrian elements for moving people to and from the fields. The resulting analysis determined that a future food preparation building should be relocated to be closer to the entry of campus and the field needs to be rotated slightly to avoid some steep slopes and provide a creek buffer. A pedestrian connection to the J.T Kendrigan Center, other campus building and the associated parking lots was created through the use of connecting walks and an entry plaza.